I think I'm indestructible, but I could be wrong.
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I think I'm indestructible, but I could be wrong.



The Egyptian Mona Lisa

I never get bored of people playing around with DaVinci’s, especially when non-Western artists provide their own take on the ever-mysterious painting that is the Mona Lisa.

Here, Egyptian illustrator FaTma WaGdi places herself wearing a hijab in her digital rendition of this 16th century portrait, poking fun at the expressionless original subject.

Contemporary Art Week!

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House Martell: Not your erotic, not your exotic


(title taken from the poem of the same name by Suheir Hammad)

I’m crawling out of my little fandom hole because three episodes in, I’m becoming increasingly irritated at how Oberyn Martell and the Dornish on a whole are being portrayed in Game of Thrones. 

Apparently, when not attending weddings, Oberyn and Ellaria can be found exclusively in a brothel inciting an orgy of some sort. Even when they do attend outside events, they are drawn to the scantily clad contortionist or to propositioning fellow guests by suggestively eating food. Yes, Dorne is more sexually permissive than other areas of Westeros. Paramours are common, noble-born women have sex before and outside of marriage, and bastards are not scorned and hidden away. For the writers of Game of Thrones, this means one thing: more sex scenes.

Instead of highlighting how racist the Westerosi attitudes towards Dorne are, the show buys into them, reducing the Dornish so far to a few men in turbans and over sexed characters with quick tempers. So far, Oberyn Martell has spent his time having sex, issuing threats and hotheadedly killing stray Lannister soldiers. Gone is any subtlety he had in the book, where he patiently bided his time with his brother to seek justice for his sister, Elia. Instead show!Oberyn is the orientalist archetype of a highly sexed, overly passionate non-white male, unable to keep either his libido or temper in check.

Coming on top of Essos and how the characters there are PoC who are either cruel, barbaric, avaricious slave owners or slaves who need to be saved by the white saviour character (and this is without mentioning the cringe worthy end of season 3 where Daenery’s crowd surfs a purely brown crowd), this portrayal of Oberyn Martell and Dorne is particularly galling. 

For David Benioff and Dan Weiss it seems Oberyn Martell and Dorne is very much their erotic and their exotic. 

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I haven’t posted anything lengthy or terribly eloquent on the subject of women in geek culture lately, have I? Have this instead.

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consent is sexy in the same way that not shitting on people’s doorsteps is sweet and neighborly

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don’t trust anybody who compliments your smile. they just get off on seeing the little bits of skeleton poking out through your gums.  anybody who tells you you’ve got a nice smile is a certified skeleton fucker.

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Hellooooo summer

Hellooooo summer

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grizzley-bear-great It's not really fair to deny any white people to be on the time list just because they aren't oppressed in a certain way. They are good people with good achievements. Voters should pick who inspire them. Sorry not all famous people fit your criteria.


And they’re all annoying and mediocre to top it off so bye

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ur very cute and very far away please come be cute closer to me

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Pubes aren’t gross. Armpit hair isn’t gross. Leg hair isn’t gross. Fat isn’t gross. Bones that stick out aren’t gross.

Body policing is gross.

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